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Blogtober: Autumnal Bookshelf Ideas

Hey, and welcome to Blogtober day 7. Can’t believe that I have managed to blog for seven days straight! I don’t know if I will manage every day of the month but I’ll give it a damn good go!

Do you love decorating your bookshelves with a seasonal or holiday theme? I have to admit that I don’t usually do it but after researching the good old web, I’ve seen so many beautiful and awesome ideas. I just wish I had the time to do it properly. In this post I’m going to share with you some quick and easy Ideas that I’ve come with to make your bookshelves popping with Autumnal cheer!

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Colour Coding Your Bookshelf

I don’t actually colour code my bookcase (yes and I’m offering advice, HA) but I reckon it would be an awesome idea to make the red, orange, yellow and golds to be the talking point of your book collection. Sort them into colours and make your collection the talking point of guests and visitors. Team it with burnt orange fairy lights, turn of the bright room lights and voila you have yourself a cosy reading environment and get those autumnal feels!

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Either go into your local woods or forestry area and collect the beautiful freshly fallen leaves and scatter/glue them to your bookshelves and it will magically transform any drab shelf into a haven of autumnal wonder. I don’t know about you but I love running my fingers along crisp leaves and whats better than teaming them up with my other love, Books. If this isn’t possible go into your local hobby store and collect reusable stick on leaves, its not real but it gives the same effect…AUTUMN.

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Funko Pop’s

This is my absolute favourite way of decorating my shelves. Want to add a little something to shelves but not sure what? Funko Pop. Have a favourite theme but running out of ideas? Funko Pop. Want to inject your favourite movie/Tv Show but now sure how? Funko Pop. There are plenty new and old Funko Pops that you could buy to go with the Autumn Theme. What’s the best Holiday in Autumn? Halloween. Grab a character from your favourite Horror Movie and give some character to your shelves.

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Do You like to decorate your shelves for the seasons? What’s your favourite Item? Let me know in the comments.

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