magician by raymond e feist - Magician by Raymond. E. Feist

Magician by Raymond. E. Feist

magician by raymond e feist - Magician by Raymond. E. FeistMagician by Raymond E. Feist
Published by Harper Voyager on September 13th 2012
ISBN: 9780007485970
Genres: High Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy & Magic, Sorcery
Pages: 841
Format: Paperback
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five stars - Magician by Raymond. E. Feist

Here starts an adventure that will span lifetimes and worlds. Discover where the story begins.
Raymond E. Feist is an internationally best-selling author.
My name is Pug. I was once an orphaned kitchen boy, with no family and no prospects, but I am destined to become a master magician...
War is coming to the Kingdom of the Isles from another world, bringing with it chaos and destruction. Pug yearns to train as a warrior and fight for his kingdom alongside his foster-brother, Tomas, but instead he is forced to follow a different path: a path that will lead him right into the heart of the enemy. And one that will change the course of the war - and two worlds - forever.
So begins the most epic series in fantasy fiction, a tale that will cross worlds and generations.
Magician is the first book in the Riftwar Saga. The trilogy continues with book two, Silverthorn.

WOW…Completely blown away by this fantasy classic.  Magician was truly magical, and it has filled the whole that has been left behind by Game of Thrones.  For the gamer geeks out there, it totally has a Skyrim epicness to its storytelling.  Do you want Trolls, Elves and magical beings?  Strap in because you’re in for a bumpy ride.  I am recently new to the Fantasy Genre after having my husband introduce me to Game of Thrones, but it is fast becoming my favourite genre.  Magician was first published in the 80’s but it is certainly standing the test of time. 

Magician opens in Crydee, an outpost in the Kingdom of the Isles.  We meet Pug, a young orphaned boy who becomes The Magician’s apprentice during the choosing.  The impact of this event is destined to change events for everyone.  Pug becoming the apprentice puts paid to the quiet existence he had known prior.  During his lessons they discover invading armada has run-around and now everything he knew is now turned upside down for war and uncertainty.  Can they survive the onslaught?

One thing I really did enjoy about this book was the brotherly camradie between Pug and Tomas.  There was friendly banter,  brotherly love and boisterousness galore.  The interactions were brilliant, and I could feel the love between them.  Pug has a destiny that has his harnessed magic creating a rift between space and time and Tomas is given an ancient power…Can both boys stay true to themselves whilst developing extremely powerful magic?  Their relationship was the most touching and heart-warming and I was rooting for them both through-out the story. 

Fiest’s writing was outstanding.  The world building was so vivid and comprehensive.  The war sequences captured my imagination so fully that I felt it was very reminiscent of Helmsdeep in Lord of the Rings.  It was that good.  This is the first book in the Riftwar Saga, it is followed by Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon. 

The supporting characters all increase the strength of Pug and bring a multi-dimensional element to his personality.  Although it is a fantasy novel, Pug is a relatable character that has very human reactions to different situations and it’s that that makes us like him so much.  It’s this that I think that Fiest excels so much at. 

This is a novel of epic proportions, War and the apparent continuity of Space and time.  One decision can change multiple worlds at the blink on an eye.  This was a fabulous debut that was the gift that just kept on giving. 

I enjoyed this book immensely.  I dipped my toe into the water to test it out- now I just want to throw myself in and to hell with the risk of drowning.  Fantasy is becoming a firm favourite.  I recommend this novel to all fans of epic fantasy and if you’re like me it’s a great starting point. 

five stars - Magician by Raymond. E. Feist


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