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A Debt Repaid (The Debt Duet #2) by Clarissa Wild

46249916. SY475  - A Debt Repaid (The Debt Duet #2) by Clarissa WildA Debt Repaid by Clarissa Wild
Published by Self Published on June 25th 2019
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 253
Format: eBook
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four stars - A Debt Repaid (The Debt Duet #2) by Clarissa Wild

He stole my hand, but I won’t let him steal my heart.
On the worst day of my life I was given away by my own blood.
Sold to a handsome bad guy in exchange for my father’s debt.
Easton Van Buren claimed me and locked me up in his mansion.
That devilish man wanted more than just my body …
So I ran.
But when a rich man’s prized possession escapes…
He’ll do anything he can to get her back into his claws.
Anything he can to entice her heart to fall for him…
And submit.

A Debt Repaid is the follow up to the exciting Dark Billionaire Alpha Male Romance novel A Debt Owed by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild. This is book 2 of the Debt Duet and the final instalment.

A debt repaid is the concluding book in the steamy and utterly addictive two book Dark Romance series, Debt Duet.  Book one finished with a frustrating but necessary cliff-hanger.  Charlotte had finally snapped, she could take no more of the manipulation and mind games of the ever sexy and devious Easton. 

I want you.  I’ve always wanted you…

Charlotte’s escape left major ramifications in both her life and Easton’s.  Charlotte is now trying to survive out with Easton’s control but not being able to speak the language or have a roof over her head is a challenge she struggles to accept.  She is a girl on her own, she stands out on the streets, she doesn’t belong there but her need for freedom outweighs wanting to live a quiet life being bent to Easton’s will.  She comes across a friendly face that only wants to help, he knows just how different she is.  Just how much she doesn’t belong on the streets.  Dion takes her back to his humble home.  A home that is exact opposite of everything Charlotte and Easton are accustomed to.  Dion feeds her, gives her a safe place and a bed, he doesn’t expect anything else from her, he’s a friend, an honest and solid one.  The interactions between Dion and his daughter, Ashanti are heart-warming and heart-wrenching for Charlotte, she longs to have a family that care and love one another, not one that destroys and abuse each other.

Being the last book in the story there was no slow burn, it was fast paced and full of action…ahem if you know what I mean.  The author brings the plotline to a close with an acceptable conclusion.  The individual character arcs play out and they all get to a point I felt happy with.  The most satisfying conclusion to Charlotte’s fathers arc was him being dealt the comeuppance that he deserved.  That man just brought out the rage in me.  How any parent can treat their children like that just beggar’s belief.  It was a nice quick read that on the whole didn’t disappoint. 

You won.  I give in.  I’m yours. What else could you want?

In this book we were treated to seeing a different side of Easton.  He had different layers that we didn’t get an opportunity to witness.  His initial plan was to annihilate the Davis empire.  He wanted to dish out revenge to Charlotte’s father – and the best way to do that was by buying Charlotte as a wife and have him watch what he has charlotte become. Submissive, compliant and his.  Somewhere along the way she gets under his skin, the power is exchanged, and she holds all the cards.  He doesn’t want to hurt her and actually genuinely cares about her happiness.  The heart wants what the heart wants.

The only thing I did dislike was the video footage that Easton hand collected of Charlotte and then just forwarded it on to her father.  I thought that was a step too far, especially after realising that he was falling hard for her.  Why would you do that?  More importantly why would you forgive someone for doing that? 

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys Dark Romance.  I would issue a TRIGGER WARNING because there are a few themes in this novel that could cause distress to some readers.  There is plenty in this novel that lovers of this genre will be happy with – murder, sex, an enemies to lover storyline and a happy ever after.   

four stars - A Debt Repaid (The Debt Duet #2) by Clarissa Wild

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