How I rate Books


I want to keep this blog a positive space in general so I positively will not slate a book on this online forum, HAPPY POSITIVE VIBES ONLY. If I don’t really gel with a book I generally will just stop reading it and move on to something else. There is way too many books out there to just waste time trying to persevere with a book that just isn’t my bag. The types of books that I am into at any one time generally depends on my mood but I am constantly looking for recommendations for a book that will make me scream about it wherever someone will listen to me.

At the moment I am reviewing everything I’m reading, so even if it doesn’t float my boat the review will be conducted in a positive and constructive manner. There is absolutely no need for hate – we all love different things. My review ratings have changed in the few years that I have started embracing reading again. I don’t throw around 5 star ratings willy-nilly, the book really has to talk to me in some way. My average rating at the moment is around 3.5 stars.

I plan on setting up a review request page for anyone that is interested in me reviewing your book – all requests honour me deeply and its not something I take lightly. I hope that clarifies why I give more stars to some books and lower with others