Monthly Reading Wrap-Up: November 2019

November arrived in a hurry and now it has left equally as fast. How on earth can we only be mere weeks away from the big day…Christmas. I’ve had another successful reading month…actually it’s been my busiest yet in terms of blog tours…think I participated in about 20 of them. I feel completely wiped from it but it was enjoyable. It’s that time of the month where i look back at the months reading and forward to the month ahead…I need to add some festive reads at some point!

Here’s What I’ve Read This Month:

Slash by Hunter Shea

A Proclivity To Prurience by Cheryl Butler

The Damned by Tarn Richardson

Bad Seed by Jessica Eames

The Secrets He Kept by Jackie Walsh

Hearthstone Cottage by Frazer Lee

Ghoster by Jason Arnopp

Violet by S.J.I. Holliday

17 Church Row by James Carol

The Crown Agent by Stephen O’Rourke

Into The Dark by Karen Rose

Nothing Important Happened Today by Will Carver

White Rose by Kip Wilson

Stay Mad, Sweetheart by Heleen Kist

Woman On The Edge by Samantha M. Bailey

The Other Gloria by L.A. Villafane

Fairy Rock by Stephen Watt


It was so hard to pick the book of the month for November. I didn’t have a bad read at all so this was hard. However, Nothing Important Happened Today is in a league of its own. You will not read anything quite like it again. Its Dark, its real and it won’t be a comfortable experience reading it, but it is a masterpiece. Read my review here.

What did you read this month? Any DNF’s? Lets chat in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Monthly Reading Wrap-Up: November 2019

  1. Yay to no bad reads! I’m currently working on my month end stuff at the moment…I know it’s something like 30 books read, and I don’t think I DNF’d anything, because I pushed through them all. (A few of them I wish I hadn’t.)

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  2. Wow this is an impressive list of books. Gosh I was in a bit of a slump this month and the reads I did were not at all in my taste sadly. Hopefully my reads for the next of the year will be great 😀

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      1. The series will always be in my heart and completely worth the read. I just thought that the ending would be braver than that. I never thought the characters would be betrayed.

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  3. This is an AWESOME list. How is the reading coming along for December? As the weather gets colder I find myself with a bigger TBR list because I would much rather be inside reading then facing the elements. “Nothing Important Happened Today” sounds awesome. I don’t mean to add to your already daunting reading list BUT I wanted to recommend a book that sounds like it might be right up your alley. The fact that you wrote “you will not be comfortable reading this” made me think of “Ain’t No Messiah” by Mark Tullius. This book can be categorized as a psychological thriller meets a coming of age story. The main character, Joshua, should be dead,  by all accounts. He has grown up surviving a number of deadly accidents that supports his father’s claim, he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. His father has very powerful ties and uses them to continue this lie making his cult-like followers truly believe Joshua is their savior. Joshua wants to escape this world and find happiness but seems to be in a hopeless situation. This book is dark, twisted, unique and my book club loved it. I am a huge fan of Chuck Palahniuk and Stephen King and this author definitely has a similar disturbing point of view. I really hope you will check it out. Here is the author’s website if you want to read more about the book!

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