Blog Tour: Fairy Rock by Stephen Watt @StephenWattSpit @RedSquirrelPres @LoveBooksGroup

Fairy Rock

Author: Stephen Watt

Publication Date: September 24th 2019

Publisher: Red Squirrel Press

Genre: Crime



In 2017 Andrew Smith, then Director, now Chair of the Scottish Writers’ Centre, came up with a dynamic idea to run a Twitter campaign inviting poets to pitch an idea and the winner would have a poetry pamphlet published by the SWC’s publisher partner, Red Squirrel Press. Poet, critic, essayist, editor, designer and typesetter Gerry Cambridge, poet Sheila Templeton, writer, musician and Editor of both Postbox Press (the literary fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Press) and Postbox International Short Story Magazine, Colin Will, and myself took part in a panel at the SWC, ‘How to get published’ in October 2017. Andrew received many entries, a shortlist was drawn up, Stephen Watt subsequently won and persuaded me to publish a full-length collection

I have to be honest I felt like I was taking a giant leap of faith when I signed up for this blog tour.  I really love my crime novels, so this is what drew me to this book, it was the element of it being written in verse that had me undecided.  However,  this only added to its rugged rawness and I ended up enjoying it immensely.  This book has led me onto reading another book in verse and I am becoming attached to different art forms in novels.  This was an awesome crime novel that definitely was a unicorn in disguise. 

The novel was set in Scotland and it was definitely the dark underbelly of society.  The darkness of the book  was unsettling. Fearful.  Manipulating.  Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows…it gives us a taste of realism like a baseball to the face.  It’s painful, and it’s in your face.  The author examines the nature of human existence.  What makes a person commit such heinous crimes?  Murder? Sexual assault?  Brutality? 

The author has an amazing talent for making the reader stop and think.  What makes this happen?  Is its social circumstances?  Or is it Nature Vs Nurture?  The verses flow beautifully with such stabbing brutality to nail home just how complex life can be.  His writing was impeccable, and he managed to settle a constant fear running down my spine.  Its survival of the fittest. 

Fairy Rock will blow your mind.  Its dripping with authentic originality. 

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