Blogtober: Bookish Pumpkin Carvings

Halloween is edging every closer and I for one am extremely excited! My two younger children are more excited for Halloween than they were for their birthdays so it should be fun! I’ve already got my orders for making halloween costumes.

The only other thing better than costumes and sweets is the pumpkins. I’d love to tell you that I am amazing at coming up with ideas for carving them but I’m not so where do you go if you’re as rubbish as me? The internet. So grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and have a perusal of some of the very best bookish pumpkin carvings! If you have done some bookish carvings comment below, I’d love to see them.


Wow, seriously amazed at the talent this one takes. Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings is winning the pumpkin game.


Taking inspiration from A Clockwork Orange, this person is a genuis.

I actually can’t get over just how many shades of magical this carving is…absolutely outstanding!

Another one knocking it out of the park, Frankenstein.

Mr Edgar Allan Poe, anyone?

Happy Halloween

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