Blogtober: Coziest places to read in Glasgow

So you have a day spare and you are dying to read that new book you’ve been waiting months to be released. You are bored of sitting in the house so what do you do? Glasgow is a bustling city and you assume there isn’t many quiet spots, right? Well grab a cuppa and a biscuit and let me enlighten you to the wonders of Glasgow’s hidden quiet gems. You are in for a treat.

West Brewery

A lovely quiet bar area to read in that serves beautiful and rich German inspired beers. It’s got a lovely atmosphere and the staff are friendly and very accomodating.

Ashton Lane

photo credit Glasgow Guardian

Ashton Lane really is a magical little lane away from the bustling streets of Glasgow. It’s full of quant little bars and restaurants with outdoor seating areas which makes it an ideal location for sneaking away to do some reading. You are surrounded by the cobbles and the fairylights above you. I love Ashton Lane.

Glasgow University Cloisters

Photo credit Getty Images

The Cloisters really are a win for british architecture. Sitting down to read here really puts it into perspective the beauty that surrounds us even in a city as big as Glasgow.

The Necropolis

photo credit to Atlas Obscura

I love going to the top of the Necropolis and looking out towards the city that is Glasgow. The best time is Dusk or Sunrise. I know what you’re thinking – She likes to read in a graveyard? Yup some of my best reading has been done there, so quiet and peaceful and for a horror book it really does give the best atmosphere.

Where do you love to read? Somewhere quiet? Bustling? Let me know in the comments.

20 thoughts on “Blogtober: Coziest places to read in Glasgow

  1. One thing I will miss about St. Louis is the few times I’ve gone out there is a small place near me that has like 3 dollar snack foods during happy hours… when I had/have the money I would just order them and stay during those 3 nourish blocks. They know me lol. It kept me from being a legit hermit most the time and they fidnt care if I only spent 3 bucks and sat their for hours reading.

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      1. It is a great place! I have always wanted to come to Scotland. I.have been to Englad three times. My knowledge of Scotland is through the band Travis, whom are the loveliest people I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.

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