6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Book Blog

Hello my lovelies. I bring to you a different kind of blog post today. I’ve had a few requests to do a Pinterest post via twitter so here it is. I’ve made it nice and jargon free because let’s face it Pinterest isn’t the easiest platform to get your head around is it? First of all, what exactly is Pinterest? Pinterest is a visual social network, more akin to a search engine. It is made up of pins (topics or items of interest) that you can then add to several boards. All within easy access on your account page. Simple! So how exactly can this drive traffic to your own blog?

Create A Blog Themed Board

You have created an awesome blog post – be that a kick ass review, an informative piece or a discussion on your favourite Harry Potter character. You expect it to do really well but you just aren’t pulling in the readers. Create a blog themed board just for your blog – include your reviews, include everything you post on your BLOG. This makes it super easy to find and it’s all in one place. It’s super important that you name your board the exact same as your website name. So for example I use The Coycaterpillar Reads. Everyone knows its me and can’t get confused with any other user.

Everytime you write a blog post make sure you post it to your blog board. If you name it appropriately it will massively help with SEO. Write a summary, an appropriate title and make sure it backlinks to said post on your blog.

Join Group Boards

Now I never knew about these until very recently. They are amazing at skyrocketing your blog traffic. Don’t rule them out. These are great in the early days especially when you have no audience. Don’t be shy join as many as possible in your niche. The group owner will for sure want as many pins being added as possible. It’s all about SEO baby! The more contributors there are, the better the ranking in Pinterest’s search engine. Promote your own pins but also share and pin the other contributors too – It’s all about supporting one another.

Apply for Rich Pins

This is an awesome feature of Pinterest. These basically examine your content and display this information on your pin. This a really simple way of increasing engagement and this is especially true for book bloggers. In order to do this it’s a little complicated but once it’s done you will reap the benefits. You need to add the metadata within your site. The Pinterest page describes it much better than I ever could so take a look at the step by step process to get it set up. Pinterest will email you when it’s set up after that you are all good to go baby…and just sit back and wait for the traffic to start thumping on your door.

Engage With Your Followers

Like any social media outlet you need to engage with your followers. Can you seriously afford to bypass the sitting on a plate opportunity of pinners to become blog readers/followers? The more you interact and communicate with your counterparts the more they are inclined to do the same back. So what’s the best way to increase engagement on Pinterest you say? Well… Continue to pin fresh, relevant content to your boards Everyone loves a unique and well written post. Keep pinning consistently, what you want to do is to have your new content to pop up in your followers feeds. Not too often that it bombards them but enough to remind them your still there, still being awesome. Follow back your followers, it’s just good etiquette. Check out their boards and repin on your boards. They are likely to do the same back. Always comment back on your blog posts. People notice whether you engage or ignore your followers.

Sign Up For Tailwind

Don’t be like me and try to do everything myself and expect quick and easy results on Pinterest. Just don’t. There are systems that can make our lives easier whilst getting the absolute best out of our blog and Tailwind is one of those. If you want success on Pinterest use Tailwind, anyone who is anyone raves about it and how it takes your blog to the next level. What does it do? – it schedules your pins to be published at the absolute crucial times that will increase the probability of you getting more engagement. It breaks down your individual pins and gives you a report on it’s performance. Gives you an update on new followers. It can even break down your boards and give you an insight into how they are performing as a whole. It also has the added bonus of Tailwind Tribes – an extra level opportunity of increasing your engagement. You really can’t afford not to be using it if more traffic is your goal.

Above All Pin, Pin & Pin

Absolutely keep pinning anything you think suits your niche. The more you pin, the more you are seen. The end result is to get them flocking to your awesome book blog. Have fun and reap the rewards.

I hope this was somewhat helpful. If you try some of these techniques let me know how it’s going.

19 thoughts on “6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Book Blog

  1. Good post. I use Pinterest. While I’ve tried to use Tailwind, I haven’t used it in a while; I can’t remember what my issue was. I just remember being very, very frustrated. I also haven’t had a lot of luck with group boards, unfortunately.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s most definitely a balance, and it isn’t easy getting it right. I now spend 20 mins a day roughly but I utilise it. Hope you get on with it better if you give it another shot 😊


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