The Misfit Tribe and The Secret of Mystery Island by B.J. Rowling & D.G. Lloyd @BJRowling @dglloyd66 @BOTBSPublicity

The Misfit Tribe and The Secret of Mystery Island

Author:  B.J. Rowling & D.G. Lloyd

Publication Date:  October 25th 2018

Genre:  Young Adult

Publisher:  Olympia Publishers

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Some secrets are best kept hidden… and some are just too magical not to share. 
Teenagers, who unexpectedly acquire a vast collection of magical, mystical powers and abilities, find an ancient map. This map leads them on a quest for buried treasure to a mysterious island filled with hidden secrets, booby traps and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. What could possibly go wrong? A lot! 

I was provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are my own.  Thank you to the Authors and Sarah @ Book on the BrightSide for my place on the blog tour. 

Well this was a thrill and a half.  This really did take me back to my childhood enjoying stories such as the Famous Five, Goosebumps and even The Chronicles of Narnia. If this is what this author sandwich is capable of, I most certainly look forward to reading more in the future.  You’ll meet characters you can relate to, I can see elements of yourself in these kids and you can get on board with their thirst for adventure and inquisitiveness.  This story which has been likened to The Famous Five is fresh and unique without being a regurgitated story that we have read time and time again.

Whilst I was scrolling through the Twittersphere one day and saw a sign up for this blog tour how could I pass it by?  I’ve been a bit of a slump of late, but this was just what my brain needed.  I had spent the few weeks leading up to reading this being immersed in serious and deep psychological thrillers and this just brought a fantastical story of Bravery, Trust. A true coming of age piece of fiction. 

Picture it-  A group of teens of varying backgrounds and stories.  Each one is interesting, and I have a feeling that each reacts to events due to previous backstories and I would love to learn more about each one.  J.J (our main character) overhears his parents talking about the fact that the bank may foreclose on the house.  They are having major money problems and its looking likely that they will have to move in with his grandmother.  Whilst in the cellar both him and his brother Aaron come across a treasure map in an old war time cannon and trinkets in a bureau.  Could this be the answer to all his family’s money worries?

The friends end up using the journal and the treasure map to investigate the Island and try to find his family’s long buried treasure.  The fun takes a bad turn when they come across Roberts and his goon.  Strange things keep happening, the map takes them through dangerous tunnels, sarcophagus and uncontrollable rapids.  What on earth is the treasure that it has to be buried with such mystery?

I really enjoyed the working together element of the story.  The clues were ambiguous and deliberately misleading – likely to stop the wrong person claiming the treasure.  We have Genius who is well a genius. Digger the military freak.  Aaron for all of his outward bravado is the family man and the girls Sandra and Karli are girly girls that bring the necessary grounding for the group.  Between them all they work out the clues together and they all keep one another safe. 

The Misfit Tribe and the Secret of Mystery Island is such a complex rite of passage story.  I enjoyed the emerging relationships,  the fight to survive and the unbreakable bond of trust that the individuals have. 

B. J. Rowling, a native of England, is an author, screenwriter, producer, actress and cousin of Harry Potter author, J. K. Rowling.

D. G. Lloyd is an American-Australian author, screenwriter, producer, actor and script coverage analyst.

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