May 2019 Wrap Up

I started my blog on the 5th of May and have been really amazed at the support and the encouragement on the blog. In April I hadn’t been very motivated with my reading and found myself in a massive slunk and needed something to pull me out of it. I had followed a couple of book blogs in the few months before starting my one and had always wondered whether I would have the time to review and blog with being a mother of 3 boys and a carer to my eldest but I have been pleasantly surprised how well it’s going.

The majority of my reading for this month has just been mood reading, mainly due to the fact that I just feel too restricted to set myself a set in stone TBR. I read and reviewed a few ARCs but also read for my own enjoyment and I think that that was a pretty good balance for me going into May and will likely follow that pattern into June.

Books I Read This Month

ARCS I reviewed This Month

Books I Bought This Month

This month was actually busier than I thought. I still have about 8 ARC’s to get through between now and July, which is totally doable.

What has been your favourite read of the month?

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